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“My works are inspired by nature and food – the lifearound us,” says artist Tero Annanolli. “I often explore newenvironments by foot, attuned to the scents and sounds, as well as the light inthe early morning, in the evening or after the rain.Wild herbs are something ordinary and multidimensional at the same time. Youcan find them by ditches and in the fields, and they reveal fine shapes andflavours and fascinating stories.” In my works, I have depicted the delicate nature ofwild herbs and have added touches of gold leaf that reflect the light streaminginto the depths of the forest.  Rich in colour, my paintingsportray the passage of time, myths and visual layers: flowers, sculptures,birds and local flora.Forexample painting, Life of a Man, 2013, linkki has been painted on a roundtablecloth made by Finlayson, in oil, leaf metal and bottledIndian ink. I reuse old techniques tocreate impressive, layered paintings with great skill. Life of a Man portrays the head of a Florentine sculpture of a soldier,layered with the berries of the Aronia shrub and Bohemian waxwings fromFinland. Together with the colourscheme of the recycled tablecloth serving as the canvas, these depict thechallenges of a man’s life.


Commission works

Do you want to immortalize a dear person, your pet or your favorite spot in the form of an artwork? Or maybe you wish flower, birds, abstract painting, maybe even a mural, in certain colors to your living room or office? You may easily order a commissioned artwork, tailored according to your preferences. Click on the button below and tell me your wishes!

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Art Annanolli Academy

Course Openings available for small group art classes to beginner and advanced! Students will have individual guidance from a very experienced and talented art instructor and artist, who tailors the course material to the age and characteristics of each student. Instructions available in mainly in Finnish. You may ask the possibility to have it in English. Course Material: Introductory to advanced sketching, acryl painting, ink painting. watercolor, pastel and oil painting. Workshop also to develop to creative painting style and material. To learn more details, please click button below.

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